Benefits / Features:

  • Superhero: Dress up the onscreen girl in a superhero avatar. Experiment with capes, dresses, leggings, eyegear, belts, boots and costumes. Dress up your dream superhero on screen.
  • Pirate: Create a pirate avatar with different pirate accessories, hats, dresses, guns, jackets, shoes and jewelry to match. Yo ho and a bottle of rum.
  • Senorita: How about a hot Spanish Senorita with lovely floral dresses with frills, handfans, jewelry and loads of fun accessories.
  • Military: Create a Military chick, complete with a gun in her hand, eyegear, boots, uniform and lots more. Shoot the enemies ;-)
  • Cowgirl: Design the perfect Cowgirl. You have numerous options in belts, guns, shoes, hats, scarves, etc.

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  • Create hundreds of different looks in each of the 5 themes.
  • Zoom in to see your dressup in fine detail.
  • Save the look in the photo album. Make it your wallpaper.
  • Create different looks for your girlfriends and keep them as display pics for their contact details on your iPhone.

Play with your girl friends and see who creates the best looks.

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